“We have a social responsibility, a constitutional opportunity and a moral obligation to help others.”- Janie Lewis

PentaGlobal is a responsible organization that recognizes the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility and therefore, we make sure that our standards go beyond basic legal compliance.

For us, it is about linking all of our activities with the goal of achieving a better quality of life for our staff and their families. We are committed to the highest standards of business to our clients, partner agencies, applicants, other stakeholders, local community and society at large.

We define our social responsibility into three key areas.

Network: Our responsibility to our agents, clients, suppliers and partners. We work to earn that trust every day by providing exceptional service and delivering valuable business intelligence. Our trusted relationships and our business are built on uncompromised integrity and dedication to the highest ethical standards. We view clients’ information as a strategic asset and work to safeguard that information.

Workplace: Our commitment to what we regard as our most valuable resource - our employees. Our employment policies comply with the employment law to ensure that the working environment within all areas of our business embraces diversity and offers fairness and equality of opportunity in every respect.

Community: We ensure that we are an active partner in the community where we operate. We recognize and value the community that we operate within. As a successful and progressive organization, we interact with and support our community wherever possible.

Our commitment to our community includes:

Actively engaging with local people about our services;
Proactively targeting our local community for volunteers;
Supporting local charities; and
Forming and maintaining links with Non – Profit Organizations, Embassies, and Consulates.