To ensure organizational effectiveness, growth and performance, we are giving our clients choice in how they want their HR function to run, in a way that works for them. Our solutions focus on generating cost savings, increasing flexibility and enhancing service quality.

Our services are tailored to our clients’ needs so that you get specialized, practical, right and reasonable advice and support when you need it. We ensure through understanding your business and its operation that our solutions match your needs and we provide a range of services that go beyond just telling you what to do.

Working as a team, our consultants are all competent HR professionals with vast experience across all HR Functions at managerial and specialist level in the UAE. Our solutions are based on deep knowledge and actual regional experience of the day to day business, current HR Practices, Rules, Regulations, Compliance and Corporate Governance.

Learning and Development

At PentaGlobal we believe trainings are tailored to yourcanstockphoto15387811 organization’s needs, business priorities, objectives, culture and values.

Part of our training strategy is to design customized learning and development solutions that fully meet our client’s needs and budget. Our training and development programs will allow you to strengthen those skills that each employee needs to improve and bring all employees to a higher level so they can support your business strategies and establish a competitive advantage that will increase your profitability.

Our competent consultant team provides a unique mix of advanced international experts with track record of Middle East market. They are directly involved in the pre-course work for all our modules. This helps them understand the specific requirements of each individual delegate who will be attending their courses.

All our programmes and modules are designed to be highly experiential and will take the participants on a journey of self-discovery and self-management using a variety of learning techniques. A customized learning style report is also part of our training strategy. It is a powerful tool to understand the participant’s mindset and evaluate their progress.

Talent Acquisition

Whether you are looking for entry level to executive or a team of key professionals, we help your organization identify candidates, assess their capabilities and plan their development. What makes our talent acquisition services so unique is our “value-added” approach that pairs candidates with companies whose structures and cultures best fit the employees’ unique ability and skill set as well as the company’s team and the culture.

Manpower Services
Executive Search Services
On-Boarding Process Documentation

HR Services – Tailored-Fit Approach

At PentaGlobal, we provide cost effective HR solutions for companies that do not have existing HR functions but still require a system in place and ensure compliance with federal law. We work with smaller to medium businesses who do not have a HR department to help them address specific people management issues or to ensure that they have the right policies and procedures in place to enable them to manage employees effectively.

Team Building and Corporate Events

PentaGlobal offers a structured organization of team building where the employees are able to improve very specific aspects of teamwork. Depending on the needs of clients the content and approach to team building also varies, being more or less serious or entertaining. If necessary, at the end of the activities we invite participants to discuss the importance of the covered topics for efficient operation in the real business environment (debriefing).

Other Services

Global Mobility
Contracts of Employment

HR Policies and Procedures
Job Description, Evaluation, and Analysis

Employee Handbook
Organizational Design, Review, and Process
Grievance Handling Procedures
Redundancy Procedure

Payroll, Time and Attendance